Charter Of Principles

“The Ubuntu Global Network gathers together organizations and social-minded projects that use Ubuntu philosophy as core values to their work.”

1  Inspiration by example

Using Ubuntu as a leadership philosophy requires that leaders inspire others by example. Adopt the values of honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, compassion, empathy, dignity and respect for others. We should not expect other to exhibit ethical behaviour if we can’t ourselves demonstrate it. Find and make your role to further the purpose of building social value.

2  Shared vision

A vision for the future that offers hope, direction, opportunities, responsibilities and challenges for everyone through multiple points of view and diversity of perspective.

3  Change and transformation through people

Searching for opportunities to start transformation by enabling people to realise their potential and discover resources previously not accessible to them.

4  Interconnectedness and interdependency

A belief in the interconnectedness and interdependency of humanity, we live in a delicate web of interconnectedness with each other and the environment. Accepting our responsibility to maintain this delicate web.

5  Solidarity

Community involvement, teamwork and an enabling environment foster solidarity and a spirit of working together toward the same purpose and the good of the community.

6  Continuous development to meet the needs of a changing world.

The Ubuntu Global Network fosters a continuous development together with a strong spirit of compassion, reciprocity and dignity. It challenges people to search for opportunities and creative innovation not only for the individual but for everyone.


A world which embraces the Ubuntu philosophy, emphasising the importance of community, solidarity, caring, sharing, harmony, hospitality, respect and responsiveness; a world where we recognise the genuine otherness of all people.


   Develop a global network inspired by the Ubuntu philosophy that contributes to the transformation of society through activities, actions and projects working with individuals in their communities.

Ubuntu Global Network Goals

• Promote the awareness of Ubuntu philosophy and how can it be applied to social intervention
• Share good practices, successful approaches and experiences between network partners in order to enhance the quality of current work.
• Develop common projects, multilateral co-operation and partnership inside the network
• Co-operate with other stakeholders in our field of action outside the network
• Develop and share actions that reflect the most basic Ubuntu principle: I am what I am because of who we all are
• Promote social entrepreneurship in order to generate social changes.

Ubuntu Global Network Strategies

In order to meet its goals, the Network may:

• Encourage education regarding the principles of the Ubuntu philosophy, preserving the individuality, culture and integrity of each person
• Develop international conferences, seminars, training courses, strengthening the manifestation of Ubuntu philosophy in the international social picture
• Promote Ubuntu Global Network principles in international cooperation programs
• Carry out specific promotional campaigns that contribute to the achievement of the network goals
• Facilitate the implementation of suitable tools that helps to spread the Ubuntu philosophy